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If you have a question pop us an email

  • Are your products for dogs of all shapes and sizes?
    Yes – all retail packets are labelled accordingly.
  • Are your products 100 % Natural?
    All ostrich products used are 100% natural.
  • Why is ostrich so healthy for dogs?
    Ostrich is low in fat and Hypoallergenic.
  • Are there preservatives added to your products?
    We use natural preservatives such as wood smoke in our products that are single source proteins.
  • Are the tendon range Harmful for smaller dogs?
    Any product smaller than your dog’s mouth could be a potential choking hazard, that is why we recommend that any treat be given under supervision. Tendons are a great source of boredom busting and encourages chewing that assists in dental care.
  • What does the Mbuni Semi moist products Contain other than ostrich?
    We are always striving to use natural ingredients in our blended products, such as Casava starch, Molasses, and water.
  • Is Mbuni Safe for dogs with allergies?
    Our bone, chew and tendon ranges are 100% ostrich and should be fine to give your dog, however if you do have a dog that suffers from allergies, it is always advisable to consult with your veterinarian.
  • How many treats can I give my dogs daily?
    The golden rule is always 10% of you dog’s daily calorie needs. For example, if your dog’s daily calorie intake is 400 calories, then 40 calories on treats is recommended.
  • Are the Mbuni Cat Treats safe for cats of all sizes.
    We always recommend feeding treats to your cat under supervision. Our cat treats are semimoist and soft to make it easy for you to break in half should your cat prefer smaller pieces.
  • How do I become a brand ambassador for your Brand?
    Please send us an email at with the following information. 1. Instagram handle 2. Facebook handle 3. Location 4. Contact details
  • I have opened a pet shop and would like to sell your products, please advise where to begin?"
    Please send us an email to where we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Why is some of your ostrich products more expensive than those of other proteins?
    We pride ourselves in being a fully traceable closed compartment, that allows us to manage our product from start to finish, giving us complete control of the quality of our products. All the links in our manufacturing chain are EU export approved, giving our customers the assurance of the highest quality products available today.
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