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Can my dog eat crisps?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Can dogs eat crisps?

It’s Saturday night, you’re relaxing on your sofa with your family including the furry kids, bowl of crisps in hand. It’s only natural to want to share the joy with all your loved ones…

But, before you do you may need to ask yourself ‘can dogs eat crisps’?

It might not be a good idea if you want your pet to be healthy…

Why crisps are bad for dogs

As a responsible pet parent, the first concern should be the salt content in crisps.  Dogs shouldn’t eat crisps for this main reason. Vets suggest that an average dog of 15kg should eat around 200mg per day of salt. An average packet of crisps can contain up to 500mg of salt - see the problem?

Eating crisps can therefore cause Sodium poisoning in your dog.  If your dog has eaten a significant number of crisps, we suggest contacting your vet immediately for some assistance.  Look out for symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, increased drinking or seizures. Don’t get us wrong, in moderation sodium is a healthy mineral, and required by dogs to keep their cells and system working in a healthy way.  Crisps shouldn’t be your dog’s source of sodium though.

Is the fat content in crisps bad too?

The short answer is yes. A lot of dogs suffer from obesity, and the greatly increased levels of fat in crisps affect your dog’s even more than humans. We have a much higher body mass to balance the fat content of crisps. Dogs being smaller, will struggle with this more than us.

Crisps can be bad for mouth and gums

The sharp edges on crisps can cause damage to your dog’s mouth and gums too. Over eager munching can cause the edges to hurt or cut their mouth. And this can lead to discomfort for your furry friend.

Is there a crisp alternative for dogs?

It might sound a little boring to those of us that love a good salty crisp, but as responsible pet owners we can treat our dogs with alternative healthy options. Mbuni Pet Treats offers a wide variety of natural free-range ostrich treats that will keep your dog stimulated for longer. Scientifically developed for dogs to increase their wellness.

Our Ostrich Chips, Ostrich Frizbee, Ostrich Yummy Sticks, Ostrich Ears and Ostrich Twines are just a few of many amazing products we offer. All our products Contain 100% Ostrich meat and the rest is just 100% natural ingredients to bind the product. We use no salt, soy, grain or sugar. No artificial preservatives or colorants are added to preserve the life of our products. We use a natural smoking method as a preservative, allowing our products to have a lovely smoky smell which dogs can’t resist. Not only are our treats much healthier, but dogs also find them really palatable and have the added benefit of providing the crunch sensation that can add an extra dimension to your dog’s treat time!

We make treat-time easy peasy with no guilty conscience at all. Feeding your furry kids guilt free treats is our mission, check out our range of free-range bushveld ostrich treats.

We deliver FREE to Your Front Door on all orders above R500.

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