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Meet the Hay Floofs!

Four Very Cool Cats called HAY FLOOFS

We have certainly met the most amazing pets and pet-parents in South Africa. The people behind the pets are incredible humans with endless compassion for their loved furr kids and it brings us, as a pet treat company, so much joy to get to know them a little better.

We stumbled upon Hay Floofs Instagram account and loved their creativeness and passion. and we would love everyone to get to know them a little better.

We chatted to their hoomans and enjoyed the feedback so much that we would love to share it with everyone.

Hay Floofs got their name from their hooman’s surname ‘hay-buchanan’.

Mr Kov’s, otherwise known as Mr Chonks.

I am the leader of this pack. I was adopted as a tiny kitten along with my sister Princess in 2016. My favourite activities include lounging around on the tiles at the heart of our home where I can keep a lookout for my siblings and hoomans. I love to be able to greet anyone who comes to the front door. I am highly food motivated and love all the treats we are sent. You will see me enjoying the Mbuni goodies often, i never miss treat time!

Mr Kov’s

Princess, otherwise known as fifi. i am the real madam over here.

I take no sh*t from any of my siblings and everyone knows I do not listen when called nor liked being touched except for when I want love and then only exactly 3 pats. I don’t feature as often on our page as I don’t bother with common tasks like posing for my hoomans. I am also not phased by food and will only participate in activities that include cat nip and fluffy blankets.


Mr Cols, otherwise known as Mr Stinks.

I am the support cat of the lot; I can always tell if someone needs extra love and am always happy to cuddle. Meowny saved me from near death when my previous hooman had to immigrate. I repay the favour with endless cuddles, head boops and conversations. I sleep in the middle of my hoomans every night even when they would prefer some personal space. I too love treats and do the cutest little skip to our feeding room at dinner time.

Mr Cols

Miss Duchess, otherwise known as Smol cat.

I was daddy’s “I’m sorry present” when the hoomans wedding was postponed in 2020 from the c19 thing. I am so puretty and I totally know it because the hoomans tell me everyday. However, I don’t let their words corrupt me into loving them because I am following in my sister's steps who says that the hoomans are just slaves. Princess is my role model and I follow her everywhere.

Miss Duchess

Our fav Mbuni Treats

Our fav Mbuni treat is most definitely the liver squares. We love our crunchy treats!! We know exactly where they’re kept and demand a after dinner snack most nights. Mia, our new family member is a huge fan of all your treats but mostly loves the sprinkles on her dinner, the Ostrich bites for treat time and the Ostrich bones to sharpen her already razor-sharp teeth.

Mia The Adorable

To have so many pets all over South Africa part of our TRIBE, is just one great adventure. Give Hay Floofs a follow and keep up with the Cool Cats 😊 @HAY_FLOOFS

All Mbuni treats are made from human grade ingredients, with no added baddies!! As responsible pet parents, we need to provide our pets with healthy bites and chews. To shop our authentic bushveld ostrich treats, follow this shop link!

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