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New Look... Same Recipes!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Our entire line of Mbuni Pet Treat products have been redesigned to easily convey information to pet parents. We hope you enjoy the look of our new packaging as much as we do! Below is all the information you need to know about our new packaging.

Although the exterior is changing, our recipes on the inside that you know and love remain the same!


Our new packaging has a lot of fun new features so you can easily see the benefits of choosing Mbuni Pet Treats.

1. First, we have a new premium zip-lock seal to ensure freshness after opening. This feature makes it easy for you pet parents to store your favorite food and keep it fresh. The zip-lock re-sealable function takes the hassle out of storing the treats, once opened, re-seal and store. It also keeps those pets from snagging another serving! (We know they can’t help themselves!)

2. We have also designated bright, fun colors to our new packaging. We want our consumers to easily identify our products online and in retail stores, after all, we are a fun brand with excellent taste.

3. Another fun update that is included in this packaging change is the addition of our treat facts and advantages! We are very proud to have it on the front of each product. This will make decision making much easier with it comes to choosing between healthy treats and not so healthy pet treat options.

4. We are a proud South African product, made for the best quality South African ostrich meat.

5. On the back-side we added our Promise To You. This is our commitment to always bring you the best quality world-class pet treats. We are giving pet parents the assurance to know that their pets are consumer human-grade treats.

6. The re-sealable pouches are lined with foil inside. This makes the pouch top in quality and maintain a low rate of moisture vapor transmission. It retains the freshness of treats for long periods and retain the smokey aroma of our treats.

Order Now

Are you struggling to find your favorite Mbuni Pet Treats in your local store, or would rather prefer ordering from the safety of your couch? You can order directly from our website! Just click the “Buy Now” button to fill your pantry for your furry friends!


If you have any questions about our new packaging or just about our products, we would love to hear from you! You can use our “Contact Us” form here on our website or email us directly at

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