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Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

These amazing creatures are arguably one of the most lovable and social creatures on the planet. A man's best friend. Decoding your dog’s sleeping habits can take dog parents some time to figure out as they all exhibit different behaviours.

Age, personality and lifestyle is crucial factors when it comes to a dog’s sleeping pattern and can evolve over time and age. There can be instances when your dog might not like sleeping in a bed but with time can end up warming up to it.

Puppy Sleeping Arrangements

Puppies are full of energy and need to sleep every two hours throughout the day, but the situation can be different at night. It is always advisable to let your puppy sleep with you during the initial days, this will also help in reducing any anxiety. Puppies usually are not comfortable sleeping alone in a separate room.

Adult Dog Sleeping Arrangements

Comfort in sleeping alone can slowly develop as dogs grow older; older dogs tend to feel more comfortable sleeping alone or wherever they are comfortable. Once your dog is comfortable around the house and already has a fixed position for sleeping, then your job is almost done. You don't have to worry about your dog’s sleeping arrangements anymore. You can simply put a dog bed in the same position and your dog will get used to it. One crucial point to remember is to keep upgrading the bed as your dog gets older. You can also fill the bed with their favorite toys and make him feel more comfortable.

Which side does your dog sleep on?

1. On the side Dogs who tend to sleep on their side are very comfortable and feel secure around you, they are voluntarily exposing all their vital organs without any fear of getting hurt.

2. On the back with paws up in the air This stance of sleeping is a way for dogs to cool off their tummy heat and at the same time give a chance to the sweat glands on their paws to cool off as well.

3. Curled up Dogs sleep in a curled position when they want to conserve their body heat, it also helps them protect all the vital organs. This stance is also very common in stray animals as well.

4. Back-to-back curled up Cuddling gives dogs the same level of comfort and happiness as it does to us! By cuddling, they are also showing the special bond you both have with each other.

Giving your dogs proper chewing time each day can also stimulate and calm them, especially if they are anxious and stressed. A healthy long lasting chew can add to a peaceful night’s sleep. Most importantly, giving your dog a healthy chew is vital. Mbuni Pet Treats have a full range of authentic ostrich treats, from soft and chewy to long lasting.

At the end of the day, it's up to both of your preferences, they can sleep inside or outside, in a crate or dog bed, on your bed or anywhere near you. What activities you do to stimulate them is up what suits your family schedule. And when it comes to where to sleep, parents should let the dog decide the place initially in order to make them feel more welcome and comfortable around the house.

The bond you share with your dog will only strengthen if you give them space and time to figure it out at their own pace.

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